The Interim Way

Recruitment takes time because finding the right candidate is of the utmost importance. But today there is no reason to stress recruitment as there are other solutions, like hiring a consultant on an interim assignment. A lot of great talents with cutting-edge skills have chosen to leave traditional employment for interim and consultant gigs.  


One of them is Martin, currently on an interim assignment as Nordic Brand Manager at Perrigo Nordic. A consumer self-care company with over 25 brands in the portfolio. Martin is responsible for four brand portfolios and leads the strategic, tactical, and commercial initiatives on a Nordic level. Martin previously held a permanent position but decided to take a step out of that to expand his knowledge.

The focus should be finding the right competence rather than the employment form

Three quick questions

What is been the biggest difference between an interim position versus a permanent job?
One big difference is of course the flexibility. You can choose how much you want to work and when. Answering only to your own workload and agenda.

What is the difference of being an interim at a company rather than an employee?
You have to bare in mind that when you are hired as an interim or consultant you are there as a “Plug & play” professional which means that wherever the company needs your expertise, you have to be ready and prepared to pack your stuff and head on down to support. For me that’s really a satisfying and the ultimate way of dealing with skills and competences at a company because it makes you feel your worth and you will broaden yourself aswell.

What have been the biggest benefits of being part of Trib network?Having the professional background where Trib is recruiting is a big upside for us marketing specialist because they know the very nuances that defines the roles and understands what is really needed in order to succeed in that position. I haven’t seen that in too many recruitment shops.