It’s all about the portfolio

So, we have looked at thousands and thousands of portfolios and of course it is always just as fun and inspiring! If you’re a designer, or have a creative focus overall, you should be able to present what you have done during your career.

Keep in mind that how you present your cases can actually be almost as important as the content it self, so try to put some effort into that as well. From your portfolio the employer or client need to be able to read shortly about your work and the way through the design process. A good guideline is to briefly introduce the main problem, the outcome of the project and your thoughts during it. 

When you are looking for a job or assignment, there are several things to keep in mind when applying with your portfolio, and also hopefully presenting it in person in an interview.
When applying for a job or assignment:

  • If you are looking for different types of roles a good tip is to adapt the portfolio with slightly different content instead of being too broad.
  • Focus on showing jobs that correlate with the tasks you will have in the job you are applying to.
  • Put effort in how the projects are presented. Different types of images and angles make a good spread, put sites in mockups and make it feel crisp. Feel free to get some animation action if possible.
  • Minimize the amount of clicks to move between projects.
  • A PDF is also perfectly ok! Just think of everything above.

And if you get to present your portfolio in person.

  • Most importantly – be prepared. This have to go quite smoothly. About fifteen minutes are standard if the client or employer doesn’t say anything else. Don’t make any long detailed layouts and keep it moving.
  • Show rather a few really good projects than ten remotely good.
  • Prepare more projects than the ones you show in order to show a wider width in step two. However, they do not need to be part of the first impression.
  • Show and explain the design process and your part in the project.
  • Be open and have fun presenting it – be proud of your work!

If you need a little inspiration – you can find some great portfolios that we really like here.

Good luck!