Branding yourself

Sure, I know. There is a difference between a commercial brand and a human being. There. I said it and stated my awareness.

But branding is everything.

There are lots of lessons to be learned from both sides. For example, a person should be honest, and so should a brand.

Now, the idea is not that we plan to teach brand strategies here. There are more knowledgeable people on that subject. And you’re actually probably one of them.

There are hundreds of written books about personal branding and also lots of good articles, so do not settle for our reflections. It is not impossible that we are stealing a few lines from the above sources, mixed with our own experiences.

It all starts with you. Who you are and want to be. And honesty here, towards yourself and others is an important component. Our perspective on the subject is primarily linked to careers. To succeed in life, with what it now means to you. How to use yourself to achieve the success you already deserve.

Our take on the subject is, based on an idea of the future, to do a little more, to get there. Without forgetting yourself, who you are or what makes you feel good. Unfortunately, many people get lost here.

The more obviously a brand is a copycat, the more the audience will call out the perpetrator for it.

 – Monica Lin

Ok, but where do I start?

Our answer is today, tomorrow, and always. A brand must be nurtured and developed. But, begin by trying to figure out who you really are and what you are good at. At the same time, you formulate a goal and a plan. Where do you want to go?

Why not try writing a creative brief, where you are the product? If you have not come into contact with a brief before, there are lots of templates online.

But in short – who are you, your strengths and possibly unique qualities? Your offer. What does your audience look like and who are they? Who are the influencers or decision makers? How do you want to be perceived and what is your main message? Then, which arenas do you feel are suitable for you to perform in (probably social channels are smart to use)? And what is your goal, in the short and a little longer term?

You never lose a dream. It just incubates as a hobby.

– Larry Page

Above is nothing you ever get done with. But you have to start somewhere. Then it’s mostly about being seen and heard. To be engaged. To tell stories, to have opinions, to be active, to start building you. And here, of course, the goal is governing. But, the clearer the message the better.

An important part of all this is of course the network. To build and develop the right (your) network. Where your task will be to identify which people and forums are suitable for your plan. It could be old colleagues or friends from school. Or lecturers, customers or already more recognized industry profiles.

In all this, it is of course crucial that you have thought through how you pack yourself in the channels where you are active. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram or your own digital portfolio.

Everything counts.

Finally, your behavior in everyday life is what builds your brand the most. Despite all the digital possibilities, we dare to say that it is the personal (physical) meeting that has the greatest impact. That you are then caring, curious and brave and shows respect and humility. That you take up space, but at the same time provide space. That you are helpful. And all this can of course also be done in digital channels.

Note that you do not have to be like everyone else. Find your own style, without lying, perform in your arenas, your way, and tell a story with your words. Just like we did here. Almost at least.

Good luck!

Mathias Wellström