I choose my clients

TRIB Freelance could vary in length and scope of work. A gig can range from 2 to 6 months. Often with possible extensions of contracts. The need for a freelancer can pop up fast and the future teams need to be flexible with the right competence at the right time.


This is Magda, a brilliant Designer in our Product Design Network, today building and improving the product at Majority – An international money transfer and international call service.

She works as an integrated team member with high-level skills in visual design, a creative mindset, and understanding of product lifecycles, with strong technical know-how!
She recently took her first leap into the freelance world and TRIB family after many years in different strategic design agencies.

Magda is a very talented designer who is not only good at product design but also very creative. She is definitely adding value to our design team.

– Head of Design at Majority

Three quick questions

What is the key aspect for you being part of TRIB Network?
I felt that I will collaborate with people who understand what I do (and that’s not very common). I was impressed by TRIB’s client base as well.

What would you say is the biggest change for you being a freelance, perform in different gigs compare to work at an agency?
I think the biggest difference is that I can choose my clients and products that I want to work with. I work on my reputation, not on some random agency that won’t even mention me on their website. And last but not least, I am finally paid for all the extra hours ;).

What is your goals with your freelance life?
I don’t ever want to stop evolving and keep pushing myself. It’s about not getting too comfortable, I guess. I want to collaborate with inspiring and ambitious people. I hope that I can work more remotely as well, with clients that aren’t necessarily based in Sweden. I would like to build meaningful products that are not only beautiful but also useful.