About TRIB tools

Where am I?

Oh, sorry, we didn’t tell you.
You’re at this moment experiencing TRIB tools.

This place is based on the insight that we at TRIB possess certain knowledge about stuff linked to work life, recruiting and how to handle different situations that will happen both outside and inside your brain when thinking about maybe changing your job situation. So we thought, why not make our own brains a bit more accessible to all of you? We’ve also tried to find some pure inspiration for you to take part of.I guess that’s about it.
And oh, this is just the beginning. We will continuously update and replenish this hub to be filled with more stuff in the future, so keep coming back and look for news!

And PLEASE do contact us with thoughts on the content and what you think we’re missing to talk about here ?
You can reach us at: tools@trib.se

TRIB who?